Ten Fun Pool Games To Play This Summer!

Most children and adults enjoy the summer. They spend hours sitting by and swimming in the pool. That being said, swimming around in the pool can become a little monotonous after a while. For this reason, it is often a good idea to have some pool games ready for you and your guests.

Here are ten fun pool games that you need to play this summer.

Whirlpool. Also known as automatic whirlpool, this game only requires people to play. Gather all of your swimmers along one side of the pool. They start by walking around the edge of the pool all in the same direction. Then, they can run. After a while, this will create a current and swimmers will be able to float around the pool. After a while, swimmers can change direction and try to make the whirlpool go in the opposite direction.

Shark tag. In this game of tag, one shark will stand at the edge of the deep end while the minnows will swim back and forth. The shark must jump in and tag the minnows before they reach the other side.

Marco Polo. Marco Polo is one game that most people have played. Marco Polo has to keep his or her eyes closed while trying to tag the other swimmers. The only way that he or she can find the others is by calling out Marco. The other swimmers must answer Polo every time, no matter how close Marco is.

Cannonball competition. Many children (and adults) enjoy cannonball competitions to see who can make the biggest splash with his or her cannonball.

Belly flop competition. Like cannonball competitions, competitors try for the biggest (and loudest) smack on the water. Competitors may then try for other jumping competitions. They may compete to jump the highest or make up the strangest jump.

Poolmaster Toss ‘n’ Splash. This game is perfect for young and old. It works great for those who don’t want to venture into the deep end. Players will toss the ball to try to sink it into the hole with the highest point value.

Swim Thru Rings. Swimmers, both young and old, can throw these rings into the pool and practice swimming underneath the water by swimming through them. You can even make this into a game by having a race.

Wishing Pond. Children and adults can dive into the pool to look for treasures. You can use almost anything, including coins, diving toys, and other items for them to look for.

F.I.S.H. In the game F.I.S.H., a leader will be in charge of all of the other swimmers. They must do everything that the leader does, from jumping in the pool in a certain way, do a special jump, etc. If they don’t follow along, they will get a letter. The first person to get the whole word will lose the game. The game continues until only one person is left.

Chicken fights. In this game, two people will get on the shoulders of two other people and try to push each other off into the pool. They can use different tactics, including pushing and tickling.

There are so many fun games to keep everyone occupied, no matter what age or swim level. There are plenty of games that need props, along with some that don’t need you to have anything at all! You and your guests can enjoy a game of shark tag, Marco Polo, F.I.S.H, and much more.

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